Institutional Directors

时间:2019-05-24  14:58:16

Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs,
China Society for People’s Friendship Studies,
China Association for International Exchange of Personnel,
Overseas-educated Scholars Association of China, 
Pacific Economic Cooperation Council, 
China World Peace Foundation,
Beijing Federation of Industry and Commerce,
Beijing Federation of Trade Unions, 
Beijing Women's Federation, 
Beijing Association for Science and Technology, 
Beijing Federation of Literary and Art Circles, 
Beijing Returned Overseas Chinese Federation, 
Beijing NGO Network for International Exchanges,
Beijing Disabled Persons' Federation, 
Red Cross Society of China Beijing Branch, 
Beijing Federation of Social Science Circles, 
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Beijing Sub-council, 
Beijing Science and Technology Cooperation Center, 
Beijing Research Institute of Cultural and History, 
Beijing Municipal Administration Center of Parks, 
The Museum of Chinese Gardens and Landscape Architecture, 
Capital Museum, 
Beijing Summer Palace, 
Beijing Zoo, 
Beijing Foreign Studies University,
Beijing International Studies University,
Beijing Sport University, 
Capital University of Physical Education and Sports, 
Minzu University of China College of Dance, 
Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture, 
Beijing No. 2 Middle School, 
Beijing No. 4 High School,
Beijing Yuetan Middle School,
Shijia Hutong Primary School,
Beijing Students’ Activity Management Center,
Jingju Theatre Company of Beijing, 
Beijing Fine Art Academy, 
Beijing Friendship Hospital, 
Beijing This Month (magazine), 
Beijing International Trust Co., Ltd., 
China Railway Construction Group Co., Ltd., 
Beijing Tourism Group Co., Ltd., 
Beijing Capital Retailing Group Co., Ltd., 
Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group, 
Beijing Bei'ao Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd., 
Beijing Performance & Arts Group Co., Ltd., 
Beijing Huashi Weiye Culture Development Co., Ltd., 
Beijing Ruiershi Import & Export Co., Ltd., 
Beijing Baogui Stone Art Co., Ltd., 
Beijing Shiji Yishi Chinese Shadowboxing Culture Company, 
Shangba (Beijing) Culture Co., Ltd., 
Beijing Rongbao International Investment Co., Ltd., 
Beijing Mingfeng Art Center, 
Beijing Guoan Football Club, 
Beijing International Economic and Technical Cooperation Association Center, Beijing Language Culture Reconstruction Promotion Association, 
Beijing Photographers Association, 
Beijing Calligraphers Association, 
Peking Opera and Kunqu Opera Promotion Association, 
Beijing Folk Literature and Art Association, 
Beijing Enthusiastic Amateur Photographer Association, 
Beijing Artists Association, 
Beijing Olympic City Development Association, 
Beijing Association of Foreign Medical Exchange, 
Beijing Medical Association, 
Beijing Food and Beverage Industry Association, 
China Business History Society, 
World Association of Chinese Cuisine, 
Beijing Martial Arts Association, 
Folk Artists Association of Dongcheng District.