Beijing in my Eyes,2021 Photo Contest for International Friends waiting for you!

时间:2021-09-03  16:08:20

Attention please! 2021 “Beijing in my Eyes” Photo Contest has kicked off, and we are now looking forward to entries from international friends! Do join us and present your “Modern Beijing”!

For more specifics, please refer to the above posters for this contest.


“Beijing in my Eyes” Photo Contest started in 2009. It has been successfully held for 11 years. It plays an important part in “Love Beijing, Focus on Beijing” Public Photograhy Cultural Activity organized by the Beijing Municipality. It is also one of the signature events of “我与北京 iBeijing You and Me” designed by the Beijing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries for better engagement between international friends and the Chinese capital.

In the past 11 years, the contest has received 30,000 plus photos from international friends, including diplomatic envoys, foreign employees and students working or studying in Beijing, their nationalities covering nearly 80 countries. The entries have displayed the changes and development of Beijing through the lense of international friends.


【Prize-winning Works in 2019】

First prize “An Overflow” by Clovi Katayi Cilumba (D.R. Congo)

First prize “A Gateway to Tradition” by Tognotti Valeria (Italy)

Second prize “‘Rain Drops’ Beijing Cityscape” by Talha Bin Imran (Pakistan)

Second prize“Happy China” by Kazangapov Turar (Kazakhstan)

Second prize “Beijing Blues” by Olga Pomerantseva (Russia)

Second prize “iBeijing Opera” by Simone Niessen (Germany)