Over 100 People from 39 Countries Attend the Briefing on Anti-epidemic Medical Products

时间:2021-03-30  15:44:33

The Briefing on Anti-epidemic Medical Products, co-sponsored by the Beijing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (the BPAFFC), Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau, and Beijing NGO Network for International Exchanges, was successfully held on the evening of March 18 at the BPAFFC.


The COVID-19 is still spreading around the world and the number of cases in some countries still increasing rapidly. The BPAFFC, Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau and Beijing NGO Network for International Exchanges designed and planned this event at a time such as this with the aim of giving full play to the role of Chinese and foreign NGOs, actively helping Beijing’s high-quality enterprises to participate in the global cooperation against the epidemic, contributing to the deepening of business cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises and the building of a global community of health for all.




More than 100 international friends, entrepreneurs and representatives of business associations from 39 countries in five continents, including Russia, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Madagascar, etc. were invited to attend the Briefing.



Eight enterprises, namely Aeonmed, Core Tests, Eve Group, Bio-resource, Biosis Healing, Coyote, BMC and Kangmei Tianhong gave online a basic introduction of their enterprises and their anti-epidemic products such as medical masks, protective gowns, nucleic acid testing reagents, and respirators. (The introduced products have all obtained relevant international certifications and the specific product introduction can be found in follow-up reports.)


The introduction of the enterprise received positive responses from the foreign guests attending the event online. They raised questions, exchanged ideas and reached a number of preliminary cooperation intentions. The two sides said that they would further negotiate after the meeting.



The heads of several friendship organizations addressed the Briefing, spoke highly of the event and expressed their commitment to actively promote business cooperation with Beijing.


Mr. Marco Tosen, President of the Open Gate China invited representatives of organizations such as the Italian Pharmaceutical Industry Association and the National Italian Health Association to attend the Briefing, hoping to establish long-term partnerships with Beijing companies.


Mr. Indrananda Abeysekera, President of the Association for Sri Lanka-China Social and Cultural Cooperation expressed his gratitude to the organizers for holding this “very important Briefing.” He considered the event a useful platform to enhance the understanding between leading enterprises in Beijing and Sri Lankan importers.


Mr. Joseph Said of the Malta-China Friendship Society read out a congratulatory letter from the president Calleja which considered the forum very meaningful and fruitful. He also hoped to introduce his blue-chip clients to Beijing enterprises.


Dr. Tomaz Amon, President of the Slovenia-China Friendship Association and doctor of biology, recommended a Slovenian enterprise on the spot, hoping to strengthen the practical cooperation with Beijing in the field of biomedicine.


Mr. Mohamed Rasheed, Chairman of the China-Maldivian Cultural Association and former Maldivian ambassador to China, said his association can assist Beijing enterprises to better enter the Maldivian market and suggested that enterprises and NGOs work together to fulfill their social responsibilities and promote friendship between the two countries.


Mrs. Lammel-Rath, chairwoman of the Germany-China Friendship Association based in Leipzig, expressed her willingness to establish agency cooperation with Beijing enterprises to jointly develop the German and German-speaking European markets.


Mr. Ng Chin Long, deputy secretary-general of Malaysia-China Friendship Association, said that the anti-epidemic products produced in China played an important role for many countries in the world, including Malaysia, to cope with the epidemic, and that they embody the concept of building a community with a shared future for mankind.


The Briefing was broadcast live on the platform of China International Fair for Trade in Services.


Mr. Su Bensheng, Level One Inspector of the BPAFFC, attended and addressed the Briefing. He said that the epidemic cannot stop our expectation of creating a better future for mankind and that the BPAFFC is willing to strengthen close ties with friendship organizations of various countries, carry out more practical cooperation, and consolidate old friendship while starting a new chapter of friendship together.