Stories of the Beijing Medical Team to Wuhan Reported by Belgian and Singaporean Media

时间:2020-08-03  09:45:20

“Only by working together will we defeat the virus.” With this title, Belgian magazine Solidair published in the 4th issue of this year an exclusive interview with Dr. Li Yan, head of the medical team to Wuhan from Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University, by the retired reporter Ng Sauw Tjhoi of VRT national public broadcasting company of Belgium.


In addition, the e-magazine “Think China” of Singaporean newspaper Lianhe Zaobao also published a three-thousand-word article “Wuhan lockdown doctor and her story battling the Covid-19 pandemic” written by Ng Sauw Tjhoi.


In order to share anti-pandemic practices with foreign friends, the Beijing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Beijing NGO Network for International Exchanges, and Beijing Medical Women’s Association jointly hosted the “Webinar on Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19” on 15th May, 2020.


Ng SauwTjhoi, who was invited to attend the Webinar, was deeply touched by the impressive deeds of the Beijing medical team to Wuhan, and proposed to interview the persons concerned to impart the real situation of Wuhan during the lockdown to audience. With the assistance by BPAFFC, Ng Sauw Tjhoi interviewed Dr. Li Yan and Jiang Zaidao, a 91-year-old man Li treated, for nearly two and a half hours. Through his lively narration, he imparted to the readers the timely assistance and tremendous sacrifice by the Beijing medical team to Wuhan, as well as compatriot solicitude and the humanitarian care for each other by ordinary Chinese people.


Moreover, the interview with Dr. Li Yan was also published on the website of Belgium China Association and its journal China Vandaag, an important channel for Flemish-speaking residents in Belgium to watch authentic Chinese news. “A wonderful article,” a reader commented, “In this strange age, I first learned that we can eliminate the virus called ‘apathy’ through cooperation and sharing.”