Students from Six Countries Gather in Beijing to Establish Friendly Cooperation in Science

时间:2019-12-10  11:08:54

From July 15 to 22, 35 teachers and students from 6 ASEAN countries including Thailand, Brunei, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam made their debut in the "Beijing Science Camp for ASEAN Youth", and became the highlight of   2019 Youth University Science Camp

In just one week, these participants with an average age of 15.6 years explored the mysteries of science and technology, experienced the life of Beijing with curiosity, and embraced Beijing with open arms and wonderful memories.

On the first day of the Science Camp, the ASEAN team came to the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology in the Chinese Academy of Sciences. They visited the Nano Pilot Pavilion and the Popularization of Science Pavilion led by volunteers. They had a lively discussion on the wide application of nanotechnology. At the Beijing Science Center, students get a first-hand understanding of technology. In the "Life, Existence, Living"  exhibition halls, many students participated in interactive programs. They learned, played and experienced the magical charm of technology, and explored the mysteries of life with cheers and laughter. Also students met Zhai Mingguo, a geologist and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who gave a lecture about the development of the universe, the earth and human beings.

In Beijing, the ASEAN students visited the National Zoological Museum of China. They listened to lectures by experts in animal science and explored the wonderful world of animals. Also, they entered the China Science and Technology Museum, observed scientific models, trying to understand its scientific principles, experiencing practical applications, and feeling the importance of science to the development of human civilization. In the special science popularization lecture on earth, the students enjoyed in the beautiful world of geology. In the science and technology exhibition of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the breakthroughs of scientific research surprised students. They all benefited from the latest scientific research, from Jiaolong deep-sea manned submersible to Micius quantum research satellite, from scientific research vessels to deep and ultra-deep drilling platform .

Science and technology are enriched by humanities, and humanities are enlightened by science and technology. In addition to a series of scientific and technological programs such as visiting science popularization exhibitions and academic lectures, students from the ASEAN camp also visited the Bird's Nest and Water Cube, taking pictures of these landmark buildings. Souvenirs such as Bird's Nest labeling and panda pendants appear on many students' carry-on bags, and their friendship on China and Beijing took root in their hearts.

The last day of the science camp became the most memorable day for all students. Climbing the Great Wall in the rain was an eye-opener for the children. Although it was very tiring, everyone had an opportunityto enjoy the heroic spirit from a glimpse of the small mountains and the respect for wisdom of the Chinese ancestors. The treasure hunt game in Wangfujing gave students an opportunity to learn about the contemporary Beijing and bring Chinese gifts to their families. Learning Chinese calligraphy and intangible cultural heritage drafts allowed students to understand Chinese culture in depth.

On the evening of July 20, a special concluding ceremony for ASEAN students was organized by the Beijing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (the BPAFFC) h , and certificates were awarded to student participant. The students told their stories with this science camp and put\put on many performances. The get-together were characterized by young faces, dynamic music and dance steps, flying and youthful spirits. The song, "We Are Family" composed by campers, pushed the celebration to a climax. The one-week "Beijing-ASEAN Youth College Science Camp" ended with the laughter and reluctant-to-leave feelings of the students.

In just seven days, students of the science camp not only participated in explorations of cutting-edge and interesting science, but also experienced the life of Beijing. They felt the charm of this city's humanistic history. Through the experience of technology and humanities, they got an opportunity to know China and feel Beijing.

As students often said, "Beijing, ASEAN, We are Family", diverse science camp activities cultivated students' interest in scientific research, and further enhanced the friendship between young people from different countries and cities. They served as a friendship bond between cities and a bridge connecting all people.