The BPAFFC Receives the Japanese Congresswomen Delegation to Visit a Start-up Enterprise with Female Entrepreneurs in Beijing

时间:2019-11-25  18:45:16

On August 27, the Beijing People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (BPAFFC) received a delegation of Japanese ruling party's congresswomen headed by Seiko Noda, Japanese female member of the Diet and former minister of Internal Affairs and Communications. The six-member delegation visited a start-up enterprise with female entrepreneurs in Xicheng District of Beijing.

During discussions and idea exchanges, Li Gaoxia, the party secretary and chairwoman of the Xicheng District Women's Federation, introduced China's supportive policies towards women’s employment and entrepreneurship, as well as the effective results of the "Spring Breeze Action", a project to promote women's employment carried out by the District Women's Federation. The head of Mantangxiang Company, a beneficiary unit of the "Women's Science and Technology Exchange Project" sponsored by Beijing Women's Federation and a start-up base for female college students in Xicheng District, introduced the development process of the company, its female employment training program, namely, "100 Tea Ladies",  and many other innovative cultural exchange programs. Seiko Noda, head of the delegation, praised the innovative way of combining traditional tea culture with female entrepreneurship and employment. Yayoi Kimura, member of the Diet ,also member of the delegation, said that Japan, as an East Asian country, also enjoys a long history in tea ceremony culture, but it is currently facing difficulties in passing on the culture to young people. The successful experience of tea culture companies like Mantangxiang is worth learning.

Later on, the delegation toured the company and experienced traditional handicraft making. Members of the delegation expressed that through discussions, exchanges and visits, they had gained a better understanding of China's policies on women's innovation and entrepreneurship, learned from their achievements and got inspired.

The delegation came to China for a friendly visit at the invitation of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (the CPAFFC). Wang Zhanqi, deputy secretary general of the China-Japan Friendship Association, and Gao Shuangjin, vice president of the BPAFFC also attended the activity.