Teachers and Students from Beijing Gucheng Middle School Visit Ecuadorian Embassy in China

时间:2019-11-25  18:53:47

On March 27, 2019, 17 students and teachers from the Spanish language class in Grade 10 of Beijing Gucheng Middle School visited the Ecuadorian Embassy in China under the arrangement of the Beijing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (the BPAFFC). After the visitors watched a video presenting the natural scenes of Ecuador known as the "Republic of the Equator", Claude Lara, minister counselor at Ecuadorian Embassy in China, gave a detailed presentation of Ecuador, covering its geographic location, administrative division, food and tourism highlights and the development of the Chinese communities there. With a map as reference, the visitors immersed themselves in the wonder and fascination of the South American continent.


The detailed presentation gave the school visitors a sense of four different places in the continent: the Amazon rainforest, the most amazing biodiversity reserve on Earth; the Andes, a dream place for bird watch and outdoor sports enthusiasts; the Pacific coast, the best whale watch place with fascinating white sand and clear water; and the Galápagos Islands, an isolated paradise for wildlife. The lively activities inspired the students to study hard and explore the unknown world with enthusiasm.