Children from the Beijing Children’s Welfare Home Join Cultural Exchange Event at the Embassy of Guyana in China

时间:2019-05-13  17:10:13

On February 24, with the support from the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the BPAFFC organized a visit to the Embassy of Guyana in China for children from the Beijing Children’s Welfare Home (the BCWH) to increase their understanding of Indian culture in the Americas. The children participated in an “Impression of Guyana” cultural exchange event co-hosted by the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (the CPAFFC) and the Embassy of Guyana in China. They experienced the colorful traditional arts and folk culture of the two countries together with some Guyanese students in China.

The Guyanese students gave the children an oral and visual presentation about traditional culture in Guyana, as well as the interesting customs of the Indian people in the Americas celebrating the Mashramani festival. The BCWH children gave a show featuring songs, sign language, folk dance, Chinese calligraphy and painting, among others. They also made Mashramani feather headdresses with the help of the Guyanese students. H.E. Bayney Karran, ambassador of Guyana to China, said he highly appreciated the event and hoped to further enhance relations with the BPAFFC through more joint events to increase the friendship between the peoples of the two countries.